Is this necessary to buy the best gas charcoal grill combo or can we get them both seperately? Here is a guide for you.

Getting a gas grill or charcoal grill mainly depends on how do you like to have your grilled food. However, if you like the smokey flavor, yet efficient cooking, then the clever way is to get the best gas charcoal grill combo. This offers fuel efficiency, flavor, versatility, convenience, and many more.

Getting a gas and charcoal grill combo always give convenience to switch whenever you are running out of a fuel or want the smoky flavor. Other than that, it is not wise to get two different unit for a same purpose as their bulky construction is more likely to cover a wide area.

If you are planning to buy one, here I am listing a few gas and charcoal grill combo that will make help you to pick one.

So. Let’s Get Started.

The Best Gas Charcoal Grill Combo; 4Seasongrills Research 

Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate 4-in-1 LP Gas, Charcoal

When it comes to grilling, the first name that pops up in the head is Pit Boss which is undoubtely the trusted name in the market. Mostly, they are known for their pellet grills, but they never fail in other options too.

Pit Boss Memphis LPG, similarly is one of their best gas charcoal grill combo which is one in all unit, a worth for the money option.

This grill is like a triple threat—it can use both gas and charcoal for grilling, and it even has an electric smoker built in! It’s got all the bases covered for a versatile outdoor cooking experience.

This best gas and charcoal grill combo is not only restricted to it, this unit offers 4 in 1 cooking solution w

Pit Boss is more known for their range of affordable pellet smokers and flat top grill, but with the Memphis they offer a 4-in-1 cooking solution. It works on electric, propane gas, and charcoal fuel with a toal grilling area of 2167 sq. in. out of which 840 is for electric smoker.

Thanks to some adjustable vents you can fill either the gas or charcoal chamber with smoke for offset smoking or even cold smoking.


  • Covers all your bases – Great to be able to grill with propane or charcoal. Even if you don’t expect to use the smoker it’s nice to have on hand if you ever need it.


  • Difficult to put together – This is a large, complex grill with a lot of parts so be prepared to spend some time putting it together
  • Some issues with quality control – Hard to tell if this is due to assembly errors or poor quality control from Pit Boss but plenty of customers have complained about parts not lining up, bad seals and inconsistent temperature.

It’s hard to say if the quality control issues only affected a few people, and if they were due to manufacturer fault or simply people putting the grill together wrong.

2. Char-Griller Gas and Charcoal Grill Combo – Best Overall 

Char-Griller Duo Gas-and-Charcoal Grill best gas charcoal grill combo

When we speak of the best gas charcoal grill combo, Char-Griller 5050 Duo is the first option that you can see in many options. It is the ideal solution when you have no idea whether to go for a charcoal or a gas grill.

The constrution of this gas grill is sturdy, ensures rust-resistance, while stainless steel material is used for the burners (three). It offers consistent heating with a BTU of 40800 in total, which helps to reach the highest temperature up to 500 degrees F.

This gas and charcoal grill combo ignites with a push start button. The cooking area is 1260 sq. in. which is  quite generous and caters to a tailgate easily. Apart of that, an additional foldable side burner is built to keep the food warm.

The adjustable pan on the charcoal side is adjustable, you can raise or lower it as per your requirement. This also helps to maintain and control the temperature. Its base is insulatated twice that ensures the heat retentions with minimal use of charcoal.

Furthermore, the grates are porcelain coated ensures that the food does not stick and makes the cleaning process easy.


  • wide cooking area, can cook for 4 to 6 people easily
  • Comes with electric starter for gas
  • The side burner to keep the food warm
  • Great BTU output for burners


  • The assembling of this grill is tough as the instructions are not clear
The next best gas charcoal grill combo is Dual Fuel Combination Gill that works with three burners, having a 24000 BTU for propane gas side and charcoal side.
Altogether this grill has a large cooking area, however, the gas side is comparitively larger by having measurements of 295 sq. in. on one side and 262 sq. in. for the charcoal side.
The grill grates for this gas and charcoal grill are constructed with cast iron.

The grill grates are made from cast iron, and on the propane side you get 3 stainless steel tube burners for a total 24,000 BTUs.

The charcoal side allows adjustable height tray with a tray on the front for loading charcoal. I consider this as the best gas charcoal grill combo because the shelf beneathe the grill where the propane cylinder can be placed easily.

Speaking of its performance, it heats easily, however, the installation of this grill might be challenging. Plus, you need to use tools or take help for installation.


  • Best gas and charcoal grill combo
  • Convenience of fuel switching
  • Good option in budget
  • Quite spacious for cooking surface


  • The assembling of this grill takes time as the instructions are little unclear and may require additional help

4. Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3 Burner Liquid Propane and Charcoal Grill

If you are looking for a combo grill for a limited space then this one is what exactly you need.

Char Broil Gas 2 Coal 3 Burner grill is one of the best gas charcoal grill combo as it comes with the patent design (most of the grill by Char Broil).

This grill, regardless of other listed grills, has a single cooking space as a hybrid combo grill that converts in a minute or less from gas to charcoal. All you have to do is remove the grates from gas and add charcoal in the tray instead and use the gas iginitor to light the coal.

Overall this gas and charcoal grill combo has three gas burners with 40000 BTU and covers a cooking area of 420 sq. in. The grates are like other listed grills are porcelain-coated that ensures easy cleaning and no sticking of food.

Other than that, consider this gas and charcoal grill as the best option for limited spaces without compromising the features and cooking quality.


  • This combo grill is compact and lightweight
  • Converts easily from charcoal to gas and vice versa
  • Has side self and a warming rack
  • allows gas and charcoal storage


  • It has a small cooking area compared to other listed products

5. Blackstone 1819 Gas and Charcoal Grill/Griddle

5. Best Griddle & Charcoal Combo – Blackstone 1819

Blackstone is the popular name when it comes to bes grill and griddle combo. This unit 1819 is also the best flat grill and griddle as well.

It easily serves as a gas and charcoal grill as well as the griddle (removable), having a dedicated side for each fuel.

Regardless the other grills in this review, this gas and charcoal grill and griddle does not have a lid, hence, this grill is not a good option for slow grilling.

You can grill hot and fast however you like, even low and slow, or sear your steaks on charcoal for the ultimate flavor.

What i liked the most about this grill is that i can grill my bugers and cook my mushrooms and other vegies side by side on your griddle. This grill may be compact inside, but it could have the folding leg feature to offer portability. Well, it is not all difficult, the two wheels makes transportation easy.

Furthermore, the underneath shelf is where you can put the gas cylinder or the cooking supplies.


  • Good option for camping
  • Offers complete control over heat
  • The griddle side prevents the flare ups
  • Multipurose charcoal and gas grill featuring grill and griddle simultaneously


  • Not much portable as Blackstone Grill claims as it lacks the foldable legs feature

Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal grill is today’s final best gas charcoal grill combo. This charcoal and gas grill combo is verstaile, offers multi fuel options to caters to the every cooking need with an impressive cooking area of 1060 sq. in.

It comes with three burners for gas side with a 12000 BTU and a conventional side for charcoal grilling. This is not it, this best charcoal grill combo, it can also be the offset smoker so you can cook or smoke withou needing an additional smoker.
The charcoal part works as an offset firebox and can be a smoker. You put charcoal there, and with some vents, you can control the heat and smoke that goes over the food without putting it directly over the hot charcoal.
Or, if you just want to do regular grilling, you can load charcoal into the main part of the grill. It’s like having two options in one.
Since its design is side by side, you can put you food simultaneously. The overall BTU is 36000 BTU for this gas and charcoal grill with an additional side burner which can be used as a warmer too. 
The construction of this charcoal and gas grill combo involves heavy gauge steel which is not the stainless steel. It is designed with lids mounted with temperature gauge with cool touch steel handles.
  • Two fuel sources, gas and charcoal
  • This grill also works as a smoker
  • Has an offset firebox and side burner
  • Lid mounted temperature gauge for precise temperature control
  • The handles are cool touch


  • The wheels wobbles which makes the grill movement a little challenging
  • Heavy and bulky grill

Is a gas charcoal grill combo is worth buying?

As said in the beginning, there is not a single but many reason to get a gas charcoal grill combo than getting a single unit seperately. Here are a few things that you need to know, I am stating the downsides first.

Downsides of gas charcoal grill combo

No wonder there are millions of benefits of having the best gas chacoal grill combo, but since they offer dual fuel source, you might experience inconvenience in some things. A few of which are

There pricing their quality 

Usually, the combo dishes are either too expensive or the quality is not that sturdy. Hence you need to be very vigilant while making a purchase. You can take help from this article to get one best gas charcoal grill combo.

The limited cooking space

It may sound bizarre when you speak of cooking space, but it is true. In case you have bought a combo grill, and you are only using one side for cooking, then your area has already cut in half. In a nutshell, your cooking area, for instance, is 1000 sq. in. and 600 sq. in. is reserved for gas grill/griddle area then the other side is a total waste.

Their Size could be an issue 

The combo grill is comparitively wide and occupyies more space with large and bulkier build. This means these grills are not ideal for limited spaces and are more suitable for outdoor use with generous spacing only.

The Pros

Well, dont get disheart by the drawbacks as they are not really an issue unless you have got them with proper research. Now, here are a few benefits that makes the positive side heavier than the drawbacks.

Dual Fuel Convenience

If you like smoky charcoal flavor yet must be perfectly cooked food on the gas then a gas and charcoal grill is exactly what you need. This is not it, the charcoal side can also be used as a smoker.

It is a money saving grill due to versatile features as all-in-one unit

No wonder the combo grills are costlier than the other conventional grills due to their multiple fuel supply.  So, if you like cooking with both gas and charcoal, a combo grill can be a money-saving choice.

Some combo grills, like the Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3-Burner Liquid Propane and Charcoal Hybrid Grill, are not huge and can fit into small spaces. If you don’t have a lot of room but still want a combo grill, finding a compact model can help you fit it into your yard.

How to know if it’s the best combo grill? Here’s a quick guide

1. Sturdy construction

Look for a grill made with good materials, like stainless steel and porcelain-covered grill plates, to make sure it’s durable.

2. Warranty

A good grill comes with a solid warranty, covering it for at least five years, including important parts like the burners and ignition system.

3. Accessories

A great grill has helpful extras like a piezo ignition system, a separate side burner, fold-out side tables, and space to store extra food and cooking tools. These accessories can make your grilling experience much more convenient.

Summing Up | Best Gas Charcoal Gill Combo

Getting a combo grill is crucial, they might look ideal with an additional fuel source for convenience, for gas and charcoal for instance, but maintaining the flavor and temperature is not a piece of cake.

Thus, knowing that, here I have researched the best gas charcoal grill combo which will help you to make a purchase with a consent and informed decision. In order to get the best results, you need to use both fuels on regualr basis to keep your grill go.

4seasongrills always take care of your need and ensure that every listed combo grill series are versatile, yet stays in budget. Hope you always find our guides helpful. In case you have any suggestion or want something to be reviewed unbaised, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Happy Grilling 🙂


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