If you are getting a grill and griddle for the first time, then it would be a revelation for you that the griddle is not black as it appears in food blogs or live cooking. In fact, the surface of a new grill will be more likely to burn your food and stick badly to the griddle. Hence, you need to do it yourself. If you are wondering how to season a griddle and grill, here is this blog with four easy steps for smooth and convenient cooking. 

But Why Exactly Do I Need to Season the Griddle?

As said, a new griddle and grill does not come as perfectly seasoned, similar to a cast iron pan, by the time with more use, it gradually becomes like that.

Seasoning creates a non-stick surface; its purpose is twofold, which makes it easier to cook different kinds of food items, especially when cooking eggs, pancakes, etc.

Other than that, the seasoning makes your griddle durable by creating a protective layering on the surface that prevents rust or corrosion. Hence, seasoning the griddle and maintaining it for the future is necessary.  

 If you observe the griddle’s color change, like if it turns brown or bronze, that is the sign that the seasoning has been removed and should be re-seasoned.

how to season griddle and grill

When Should I Season the Griddle?

It is not necessary to season your griddle every time you want to use it, as it can add some flavor to some of the food items. However, these are the moments when you must season the griddle.

1.    Using a new griddle for the first time

Usually, the griddles don’t come seasoned right out of the box, as you will get a silver, shiny, smooth cooktop. Before you begin with the cooking, seasoning is a must.

2.    When you have cooked any acidic food

Marinade food is delicious. However, such food and the sauces used in it are highly acidic and may stick on the griddle surface. This will make the color change in the griddle and take the seasoning away. Remember, it will not happen with all the food items, but must with a few food items.

3.    When the surface is sticking the food

When cooking, if you feel like your food is sticking to the surface, then you must season the griddle. This is because a seasoned grill is non-stick, and if the food is sticking on the surface, that means it needs to be seasoned.

4.    You need to season the grill after every 12 times of use

No matter if you are cooking marinade food, saucy, or acidic, the season wears off after 10 to 12 cooking processes, and that is normal. Hence, it is good to get the surface seasoned after every cooking method.

Now, How to Season a Griddle and Grill?

The following seasoning techniques are not only restricted to grills and griddles; in fact, you can do them on every pan that you want to start cooking on. To do so, here are a few quick methods to season your griddle that include

1.    Wash, Clean, and dry your cooking surface

First thing first, when you get a new griddle, ensure it is clean, and the leftover chemicals from manufacturing are washed out. This is because your griddle has gone through different procedures before reaching you.

Thus, you need to give it a good scrub by using dish soap and warm water with gentle hands. Don’t forget to scrub the corners and ensure you have cleaned it inside out. Rinse it properly and let it dry. You can place it to air dry or use a paper towel.

2.    Layer the griddle surface

When you are done cleaning, the next step is to add layering to your griddle surface. To do so, pour some heated oil (any that you use) and spread it all over the griddle with a brush or any clean cloth. You can also pre-heat it, spread the oil without heating it, and do that later.

Cover the whole surface and let the surface soak in oil. Try not to be too generous with the oil; pour a little more than a dime, and then spread it to every corner of the griddle, even the edges.

3.    Turn on the fire

Once the griddle is covered with the oil layering, turn on all the burners on the medium flame and let it heat. You will see the smoke coming out of the surface, so don’t worry about it. This is precisely what we need to season the grill.

With time, as the oil burns, the griddle will begin to change color, more into a darker shade of brown or black. The smoke coming out is because of the oil; wait about 15 minutes or till it stops.

4.    Repeat the process

The seasoning of the grill should be repeated as per the griddle size. You have to season all the corners of the griddle uniformly and evenly. However, if you go with my personal experience, I would recommend applying 4 to 6 applications of oil on the surface to get the solid seasoning on the cooktop.

Usually, the center of the griddle gets brown while the rest of the surface remains in a darker shade, so do not get upset that you have done something wrong. It is perfect and is exactly how it used to be.

When you use it regularly and frequently, it will turn bronze, and the seasoned layer get dark.


Here is the trick: when you are done cooking, wipe off the crumbs lightly and let the griddle cool. When done, layer the grill with oil again to prep it for the next time you use it.

Bottom Line

The bottom line to this is seasoning is necessary for a new griddle and after saucy or acidic food cooking. If you feel like the food is sticking on the griddle, scrape off the leftovers and season the grill again.

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Which grill to buy? What is the best pellet grill for the money? Which grill is worth buying for all seasons? Continue reading at 4seasongrill.com.


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